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Start Here: HCD Layout, Navigation, and Important Info

Welcome to the Happy Car Deal blog, a place for consumers to learn more about the business and for automotive professionals to grow their careers.

Let me show you around

On the Happy Car Deal homepage, you’ll find links to Happy Car Deal’s the most popular content.

  • Customers can prepare themselves for a dealership visit, book an appointment, and view available inventory.
  • Aspiring automotive professionals can learn more about car sales and decide if it’s right for them.
  • Current professionals can dive right into the Insider content and unlock one of the best automotive blogs out there.

Insider access is currently FREE while we are in the developmental stages of our program. If you are in, or considering starting in, the car business and value training and personal growth, sign up now to take advantage of the no-cost registration. Get grandfathered in as future content is produced.

Navigate the Happy Car Deal blog

Once you’re in the blog, you’ll notice three categories: HCD Introductory Content (open access), Customers (open access; also relevant for aspiring automotive sales professionals), and Professionals (Insider access). Every HCD post will fall into one of these categories.

Subcategories are called tags and displayed at the top of the main blog page and in the sidebar of individual blog posts. To search for all articles on any specific topic, click the link to that particular tag. Easy.

To use the this blog as a textbook (recommended), read the posts in the order they were written by clicking the Next button at the bottom of each post. You’ll learn about negotiation, trading, buying, financing, and everything else you’ll need to be a fully informed car buyer.

More to come

This website is still under development, with new posts and features being released every week. Over time, we plan on growing Happy Car Deal and including things like:

  • Specialized training courses, for positions from Sales Apprentice to Finance to Internet & Sales Desk Management, offering those who want to grow a chance to learn the skills they need (Insider registration required for access)
  • Qualified salesperson directory, so professional, well-regarding automotive salespeople can advertise themselves, receive leads in their area, and connect directly with prospective buyers (Insider registration required for listing/leads/match-making)
  • Podcasts, with industry leaders, local salespeople, and happy customers (Insider registration required to be considered for a podcast appearance/collaboration)
  • Way more blog posts, on every single automotive topic you can imagine (Insider registration required for professional access)

Enough jibber jabber

Let’s get started. Click the “Next” button to continue.